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For several decades the problems with water and microbiological contamination of boat engine fuels have been well known.

Your fuel tanks are subject to a wide range of temperatures and the air space above the fuel contains water vapour.  The walls of the tank are cool and water vapour condenses on these surfaces.  This water later sinks to the bottom and accumulates. The water contains dissolved oxygen which is all that is needed for rusting to take place.

There is also bacterial growth food making this the ideal environment for microbiological growth.  With this combination of food and oxygen the bugs are able to grow and grow.
Cladisporium Resinea, or "the bug" as it is commonly known, and water, are the silent enemies in your fuel tanks.  Blocked filters, stuck injectors, reduced horsepower and even engine failure can be caused by colonies of bacteria.

The use of biocides will kill any bacterial growth leaving more dead bodies to add to the problem.  More importantly, it has not removed the cause of the problem - the water. 

Boats are particularly vulnerable to the bug because they spend large amounts of time laid up. The bugs are able to grow and prosper without movement, so when the boat is static for any length of time your fuel is at risk.

The best and safest way to prevent this, or to cure the problem once you have it, is FUEL SET.

FUEL SET is a non toxic, non corrosive, biodegradable product which, when used in the highly diluted form (1:4000), will keep your fuel clear of water and therefore stop the growth of the bugs.

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