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The transport industry faces greater than ever challenges from many directions in today's modern world.

FUEL COSTS: The price of fuel in Europe is of great concern to most hauliers and bus and coach operators. Many monitor their consumption finely to evaluate what types of engine and other equipment help to reduce costs and help achieve profit targets.

MAINTENANCE COSTS:  Even though regular servicing intervals are increasing, routine maintenance is still a costly overhead for any transport business.  Blocked fuel filters and carbon deposits on injectors can cause costly unscheduled down time leading to poor profit performance.

PERSISTENT IDLING OF ENGINES FOR AIR CONDITIONING: Running engines for long periods of time whilst waiting at airports, hotels, etc, can accelerate the build up of carbon deposits on fuel injectors. This leads to poor performance of the engine, excessive fuel consumption and smoke emissions.

EMISSIONS:  In today's ever environmentally conscious world, exhaust emissions are under constant pressure to comply with stricter standards.  High levels of exhaust emissions also mean higher fuel consumption.

CONTAMINATED FUEL TANKS:  Storing fuel above or below ground in steel tanks will always allow the formation of condensation leading to water contamination and possible bug infestation.

FUEL SET is the answer to all of the above problems.

Fuel Set is an economical treatment for diesel, petrol or heating oils which will:

  • remove water and condensation from the fuel by absorbing it into the fuel permanently and allowing it to be burnt through the system harmlessly.

  • stop and prevent future growth of bacteria and bugs by removing the water needed for them to live.

  • improve fuel economy by up to 10% by cleaning  carbon deposits, dissolving gums, varnishes and other contaminates   from fuel system completely, including injectors, giving a cleaner spray pattern, leading to a cleaner more efficient combustion.

  • cut down exhaust emissions. Because the fuel system is cleaner and fuel is burning more efficiently, less unburnt fuel is emitted from the exhaust system giving lower emission levels and drastically reduced smoking.

  • prolong filter life and maintain the fuel in the best possible condition.

FUEL SET does all of this at an economical  1:4000 mix. 1 litre will treat 4000 litres of fuel.

FUEL SET is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and completely bio-friendly.


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