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Three easy steps:


Step 1


Calculate the hull area in square meters


Step 2


Apply a factor depending on your hull shape


Step 3


Divide the result by 4

How Much Will I Need

Step 1

Calculate the hull area by multiplying the waterline length by the addition of the beam and the draft.

If the calculation is in feet, multiply the figure by 0.093 to convert to square meters.


Step 2

Mulitply the hull area by the correct factor:


Full bodied craft such as motorboats or displacement and full keeled yachts, the factor is 0 (zero).


Medium bodied craft, such as large fin and skeg or bilge keeled yachts, multiply by a factor of 0.75.


Light bodied craft, such as fin keeled yachts, multiply by a factor of 0.60. 


Step 3

Given that Coppercoat has an effective coverage rate of 4 square meters per litre, divide the result from step 2 by 4 to determine how many litres are required.


Example 1:

Step 1

A 34ft motorboat, with a 30ft waterline length, a 12ft beam & a 2ft draft; 30 x (12+2) = 420 square feet, x 0.093 = 39.06 square meters


Step 2

As the vessel is a motor boat, the factor is 0 (zero) so do nothing


Step 3

Divide 39.06 by 4 ( 39.06 / 4 ) = 9.76 litres required.


As Coppercoat is supplied in 1 litre units, 10 litres should be purchased.


Example 2:

Step 1

A 28ft fin keeled yacht, with a 26ft waterline length, a 11ft beam & a 5ft draft; 26 x (11+5) = 416 square feet, x 0.093 = 38.68 square meters


Step 2 

As the vessel is a fin keeled yacht multiple the result from step 1 by 0.6, 38.68 x 0.6 = 23.20 square meters 


Step 3

Divide 23.2 by 4 ( 23.2 / 4 ) = 5.8 litres required


As Coppercoat is supplied in 1 litre units, 6 litres should be purchased.



Coppercoat have an online calculator that you can use to simplify this process: 


This short video is designed to show the simple steps for a successful Coppercoat application.

How do I apply Coppercoat?